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ADAM Janet GREENOCK RENFREWSHIRE 1856 Kate from Scotland

ADAMS Christian Robertson GREENOCK RENFREWSHIRE 1862 Kate from Scotland

ADAMS Sarah 5 weeks daughter of Samuel Adams railway labourer. 1862, Blandford cathy in pompey

ADAMSON Robert, Inverkiething Fife 1875, son of John Adamson and Grace Chaplain Just Gillian

ALEXANDER Mary Ellen 5th December 1850 Hulme,Lancs. Parents-Thomas Alexander and Mary Alexander (nee Hemmings) Meridian Line

ANDERSON Mary 8th February 1879,West Darby Liverpool 61 Upper Stanhope Street Toxteth Park, Parents James Anderson Master Mariner and Mary Anderson, clematised

ANDERSON James 1786 Eyemouth, Berwickshire George ANDERSON Isabel RICHARDSON Lindores

ANDERSON Alex 15/9/1765 CRAIL William Anderson/Catharine Horseburgh norahmason

ASHCROFT Elijah 20th August 1873, Sandy lane,Pemberton,Wigan,Lancashire, Parents- Peter Ashcroft-Margaret Ashcroft (nee Hodson) Sue W

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