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Bedfordshire A

  • Aley Green, Wesleyan Methodist Church
  • Ampthill, Wesleyan Chapel.

Bedfordshire B

  • Bedford, Bunyan Meeting Free Church
  • Bedford, Howard Chape
  • Bedford, Sacred Heart of Jesus and St. Cuthbert Polish RC Church
  • Bedford, St. Paul Parish Church.
  • Bedford, St. Peter de Herton with St Cuthbert
  • Biddenham, St. James
  • Biggleswade, St. Andrew's.
  • Bletsoe, St. Mary
  • Blunham, St. Edmunds or St. James?
  • Bromham, Baptist Church.
  • Bromham, St. Owen.

Bedfordshire C

  • Caddington, All Saints
  • Caddington, Baptist Church
  • Caddington, St. Thomas the Apostle RC.
  • Cardington, St. Mary
  • Carlton, Old Baptist Chapel
  • Carlton, St. Mary The Virgin.
  • Chellington, St. Nicholas
  • Clapham, Methodist Church
  • Clapham, St. Thomas a Beckett.

Bedfordshire D

  • Dunton, St. Mary Magdalene.

Bedfordshire E

  • Eaton Ford (Hunts), Methodist Church.
  • Elstow, Abbey Church of St Mary and st Helena.
  • Eversholt, St. John the Baptist.
  • Eyeworth, All Saints.

Bedfordshire F

Bedfordshire G

  • Great Barford, All Saints.

Bedfordshire H

  • Harrold, All Saints.
  • Harrold, Harrold Institut
  • Harrold, Harrold & Carlton Grace Baptist.
  • Henlow, St. Mary's Church.
  • Houghton Regis, All Saints

Bedfordshire K

  • Kensworth, St. Mary the Virgin.
  • Kensworth, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel.

Bedfordshire L

  • Little Barford, St. Denys.
  • Little Staughton, All Saints
  • Luton, St Mary

Bedfordshire M

  • Milton Ernest, All Saints

Bedfordshire N

Bedfordshire O

  • Odell, All Saints.

Bedfordshire P

  • Pertenhall, St. Peter's
  • Podington, St. Mary the Virgin,
  • Potton, St. Mary the Virgin.

Bedfordshire R

  • Roxton, St. Mary Magdalene.

Bedfordshire S

  • Sandy, St. Swithun's.
  • Sharnbrook, Evangelical Church
  • Sharnbrook, St. Peter
  • Shefford, Baptist Church.
  • Shefford, St. Francis of Assisi.
  • Silsoe, St James the Great
  • Stevington, St. Mary The Virgin.
  • Stopsley, St. Thomas.
  • Stotfold, Hope Chapel.
  • Stotfold, Kings Baptist Church.
  • Stotfold, Methodist Church.
  • Stotfold, Salvation Army.
  • Stotfold, St. Mary the Virgin.

Bedfordshire T

  • Tempsford, St. Peter
  • Toddington, Baptist Church.
  • Toddington, St. Elizabeth of Hungary Roman Catholic Church.
  • Toddington, St. George of England.
  • Turvey, All Saints.
  • Turvey, Priory Of Our Lady Of Peace.

Bedfordshire U

  • Whipsnade, St. Mary Magdalene.
  • Willington, St Lawrence
  • Wilstead, Wilshampstead, Wylhamsted or Willshamstead, All Saints
  • Wrestlingworth, St. Peter's Church

Bedfordshire W

Bedfordshire Y