Code for Hyperlinks

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1. Copy and paste the link from your browser (don't forget the http://)
2. Leave a space after the pasted link and add the name of the site
3. Put [ at the beginning of the line and ] at the end
4. If the hyperlink is being added to a list, put * at the beginning of the line to give a bullet point.

EXAMPLE: '''[ Ancestry]''' will give Ancestry

  • Hyperlinks relevant to multiple pages should be placed in a location common to all of them and not on each page. This will help in maintaining the wiki if the hyperlink changes.


Descriptive text following a hyperlink is allowed provided the following conditions are met:-

  • the link plus its descriptive text will occupy no more than two lines
  • the descriptive text must add value to the link.

For example:

is not acceptable, whereas

on its own is adequate.

Any links not confirming to this will be edited.

Any links and descriptive text which can be shortened without changing their meaning or impact will be edited.


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