Berwickshire Towns and Villages E

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The West Church was converted to a shop then demolished to make way for housing.
The United Free Church, later used as a Church Of Scotland Hall was demolished in 1990.


Damaged, Destroyed, Ruined

Birgham Chapel, dedicated to St Magdalene, one of four chapels recorded within the priory of Eccles dates to the thirteenth century. To the north edge of the burial ground a small depression and the discovery of stones (possibly foundation stones) indicate the likely location. The village was the site of one of the border battles during the 1500's.

Lambden Chapel, first recorded around 1142, destoyed in 1545 by the Earl Of Hertford, partial inscribed stones were found in the early 1900's during work at Lambden farm.

Leitholm Chapel (recorded in the mid thirteeth century within the priory of Eccles), destroyed in 1545 by the Earl Of Hertford, no remaning traces of the building.

Merdington Chapel (within the priory of Eccles), documented in the 1200's, damaged in 1545 by the Earl of Hertford, rebuilt and documented in the sixteeth and seventeenth centuries, no traces of either the chapel or village are visible above ground.



St. Andrews. Submitted by Darksecretz
United Congregational Church. Submitted by Darksecretz
Unknown Chapel, Paxton Terrace. Submitted by Darksecretz
Free Baptist Church, Houndlaw Park. Submitted by Darksecretz

Eyemouth Parish Church. Submitted by Darksecretz

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