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GARDINER Colin 22.3.1835 BO'NESS John Matthew Gardiner/Isabella Laing norahmason

GIBSON John 1786 Eyemouth, Berwickshire Thomas GIBSON Esther STOREY Lindores

GILLESPIE William 1765 CRAIL Andrew Gillespie/Agnes Gillespie norahmason

GILCHRIST Marion CALTON GLASGOW 1856 Kate from Scotland

GILROY Marion, Linlithgow 1899, daughter of William Gilroy and Margaret McLeod Taylor Just Gillian

GIRVAN Elizabeth Glasgow 1893 Caroline

GOODCHILD Thomas Edward 25th May 1887 Radnor Street, Mddx, London. Parents Thomas Goodchild-Margaret Goodchild (formerly TRING) GeneJeannie

GOODCHILD Thomas George 29th June 1888 Straliau Road, Bethnal Green. Parents William Henry Goodchild-Catherine Goodchild (formerly SPOONER) GeneJeannie

GOLDSMITH Martha - Born 1841 East Hoathly, Sussex Maz in East End

GORDON Thomas HUTCHESONTOWN 1873 Kate from Scotland

GOVAN Joseph, Stirling 1879 son of Joseph Govan and Margaret Ballantyne Just Gillian

GREENLIE James, Blythswood Glasgow 1857 s/o John Greenlie & Alison Greenlie McBev

GREIG Elizabeth Fyfe, Alloa, Clackmannanshire, 1896, daughter of James Greig and Christina Walker Just Gillian

GROSE Harold Augustus 14 December 1906 Islington Parents Harold Grose and Ethel Grose Lindy Tumblethump

GURR Mary Ann Place 1841 Daughter of William, and Elizabeth Wenders, Brighton Nessmcd

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