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MARTIN Harry Vol 7a 372 Mar 1865 sub district Bennington Lincs Father William Martin Mother Mary formerly Godd. glendahewitt

MARTIN Samuel Henry 1909 Boston Lincs Vol 7A 418 Sep Father Samuel Robert Martin Mother Lizzie formerly Wrayglendahewitt

MARTIN William Vol 7a 804 Nov 1919 Boston. Father not listed. Mother Florence Martin a pea pickerglendahewitt

MARTIN William HUTCHESONTOWN 1900 Kate from Scotland

MASON John 5/3/1835 BO'NESS Charles Mason/Ann Hamilton norahmason

McADAM Isabella, Partick, Lanark, 1881, daughter of Richard McAdam and Eliza Wright Just Gillian

McADAM William John, Partick, Lanark, 1881, son of Richard McAdam and Eliza Wright Just Gillian

McCORMICK William September 1928 43 Matlock Street, Sunderland Mother Susannah McCormick Daisy Chain

MCDIVITT Mary HUTCHESONTOWN 1873 Kate from Scotland

McEWAN William Glasgow 1865 Caroline

MCGHEE Mary HUTCHESONTOWN 1883 Kate from Scotland

McGLOIN Francis, Stirling 1883 son of Patrick McGloin and Mary Ann McDougall Just Gillian

MCGLIN Agnes HIGH CHURCH PAISLEY 1863 Kate from Scotland

McGREGOR ??? Reid Glasgow 1893 Caroline

McGROGAN Thomas, Hutchenstown Lanark, 1877, s/o Thomas McGrogan & Elizabeth Murphy McBev

McKAY Hugh McDougal, Stirling 1877 son of William McKay and Elizabeth McDougal Just Gillian

MCKEAG Hannah HUTCHESONTOWN 1880 Kate from Scotland

McKINLAY John, Blythswood Glasgow 1857 s/o John McKinlay & Mary McDougall McBev

McKINLAY Isabella, Hutchenstown Lanark, 1877, d/o Archibald McKinlay & Mary Frizzell McBev

MCKINLAY William PARTICK LANARK 1864 Kate from Scotland

McKINLAY Georgina, Blythswood Glasgow 1884, d/o Archibald McKinlay & Mary Frizzell McBev

McKINLAY Elizabeth, Partick Lanark 1888 d/o Archibald McKinlay & Mary Frizzel McBev


MCLAUGHLIN Michael HUTCHESONTOWN 1870 Kate from Scotland

McPHEE Elizabeth, Rothsay, Bute, 1874, daughter of John McPhee and Rosanne Campbell Just Gillian

MCPHERSON Catherine PARTICK LANARK 1864 Kate from Scotland

McVAY Thomas 1868 CARLISLE,Stanwix,county of CUMBERLAND Parents Thomas McVay and Jane McVay (formerly Burns) Deanna

MEIKLE Robert, Queensferry, Lintlithgow, 1869, son of Elizabeth Meikle Just Gillian

MEIKLE Anne 4/1/1835 BO'NESS George Meikle/Jean Innes norahmason

MEIKLE Janet 26/3/1835 BO'NESS norahmason

MEIKLE Katharine 3/3/1835 BO'NESS George Meilke/Margaret Nicol norahmason

MEIKLEJOHN Agnes, Alloa, Clackmannanshire, 1902 daughter of Alexander Meiklejohn and Susan McKenzie Just Gillian

MICHAEL William Todd PAISLEY RENFREWSHIRE 1895 Kate from Scotland

MIDDLEMISS Elizabeth (1833) Edrom, Berwickshire Thomas MIDDLEMISS Margaret TAITE Lindores

MILBURN Evelyn, Sept 1894 Tudhoe Colliery, Co Durham, Parents William James MILBURN and Mary Milburn (formerly OUGHTON) Jean and Tonic

MILBURN George, Oct 1847 Haswell Co Durham Parents William MILBURN and Sarah Milburn (formerly TURNER) Jean and Tonic

MILLER Thomas, 29th September 1839 Wigton,Cumberland Parents; Thomas Miller & Sarah Pattinson Meridian line

MILLER Walter, Falkirk 1856, son of John Miller and Marion Just Gillian

MILLS Ellen, 8 June 1841, Whitechapel Workhouse, Whitechapel, Middlesex. Mother Mary Ann Mills Orangeblossom

MILNE William 16/5/1744 LIFF BENVIE & INVERGOWRIE s/p David norahmason

MITCHELL John, 18th May 1872 Caerphilly Eglwysilan, Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales Parents David and Ann Mitchell (formerly Thomas) Sassy Annie

MOLYNEUX Jane, 12 March 1862, 62 Gordon Street, Everton. Parents Father William Molyneux. Mother Hannah Molyneux, formerly Barton. AlanC

MONDAY William Charles, born 13 August 1904 in Toxteth Park Liverpool Parents William Churchill Monday and Helen Monday nee Kennerley Sheila from Down Under

MONDAY Helana born 8 April 1907 Father William Churchill Mother Helen Nee Kennerley Toxteth Park Liverpool Sheila from Down Under

MOODIE Christina, Inverkiething Fife 1875, daughter of Andrew Moodie and Jane White Just Gillian

MOODIE Christina Brown, Stronsay Orkney, 1873, daughter of James Moodie and Frances Brown Just Gillian

MOODIE Frank, Alloa Clackmannanshire, 1894, son of Christina Moodie Just Gillian

MOORE George Henry, 5th July 1859 New St Oldbury Worcester. Parents William Harrison Moore and Jane Moore (formerly Harper)kiansmom

MOORE Margaret BRIDGETON GLASGOW 1867 Kate from Scotland

MORRISON Robert HIGH CHURCH PAISLEY 1863 Kate from Scotland

MOTHERWELL David, Kilsyth, Stirling 1887 son of David Motherwell and Charlotte Brownlee Just Gillian

MURRAY William Johnstone, Rothsay Bute, 1893, son of William Johnstone Murray and Susan Miller Dunn Just Gillian

MURRAY Elizabeth TRADESTON GLASGOW 1856 Kate from Scotland

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