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RAMSAY John 26/8/1709 NEWTYLE FIFE George Ramsay/Grisell Fforman norahmason

RAY Albert 31st August 1905 1 court Wisemore, Walsall. Parents Albert Ray and Jennie Ray (formerly Moore) kiansmom

REID Alexander Jenkins, Stirling 1893, son of James Reid and Helen Jenkins Just Gillian

REID Frank Alexander, Stirling 1895, son of Alexander Henry Reid and Elizabeth Nugent Just Gillian

RENNIE Isabella GREENOCK 1860 Kate from Scotland

RICHARDSON Janet 1786 Eyemouth, Berwickshire John RICHARDSON Janet STEEL Lindores

RITCHIE Peter Glasgow 1869 Caroline

ROBERTS Robert Goronwy 22 September 1928 Nursing Home, Pen-y-dre, Rhiwbena, Cardiff, Glamorgan. Sub-reg dist: Llandaff. Parents: Alfred Henry Roberts and Elizabeth Garrelt (or Garrett) Roberts (formerly Roberts). Father's occupation: Appeals Officer, Ministry of Labour of 43 Heol Y Deri, Rhiwbena. Liz from Lancs

ROBERTSON Jane 9th Dec 1872 Berwick, Northumberland. Parents George and Fortune nee Fell Jowin1

ROBERTSON Jane Mackison, Alloa Clackmannanshire, 1894, daughter of James Robertson and Agnes Michie (?) Just Gillian

ROBERTSON Agnes 9/2/1835 BO'NESS John Robertson/Janet Stewart norahmason

ROBERTSON Jean 29.3.1835 BO'NESS Charles Robertson/Jean Glen norahmason

ROBIN Jeannie Adam PAISLEY RENFREWSHIRE 1895 Kate from Scotland

ROSS Christina, Stirling 1875, daughter of Christina Ross Just Gillian

ROTHWELL Sarah Ann born 1841 Rawtenstall Rossendale Lancashire Father Richard Matty

ROUGH Alexander Glasgow 1865 Caroline

ROWLEY Annie Maria 1861 Maer mother Jane Rowley Barbara Dodds

ROWLEY Ann 1861 Tettenshall Parents Francis and Harriet, Ag Lab Barbara Dodds

ROWLEY Ann 1861 Wednesfield Parents Reuben and Fanny, Keymaker Master Barbara Dodds

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