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BAILEY George Henry Nuneaton,Warks Sheila from Down Under

BAILEY Gertrude May Nuneaton,Warks Sheila from Down Under

BAILEY Joan Ellen Nuneaton,Warks Sheila from Down Under

BAIRD Euphemia, Rothesay, Bute, 1938, aged 63, wife of Andrew Baird, blacksmith, daughter of Bryce Martin, farmer, and Agnes Stevenson Just Gillian

BARR Sarah, Hamilton, Lanark, 1872 aged 60, wife of Arthur Anderson, book deliverer, daughter of Alexander Barr and Ann McGown Just Gillian

BELL Susannah Died 1860 Poplar, London Maz in East End

BELL Mary Died 1838 Mile End, London Maz in East End

BELL Nehemiah 31st February 1891 Manda from Yorkshire

BELL Beatrice 16th March 1868 Manda from Yorkshire

BENNETT George, All Saints, Birmingham, 3 Oct 1896, age 57, Steel To?? (?Toy) Worker Journeyman Christine in Herts

BENNETT Hannah, Workho Infirmary, Selly Oak, Worcestershire, 3 Oct 1911, age 65, widow of Edward Bennett, brass caster of Smethwick Christine in Herts

BICKFORD George 20 Jan 1897, ?? Street, St. Mary, Cardiff. aged about 32 years, Ships foreman (or fireman?) wulliam

BICKMORE Ann, 1 October 1871 Capel St Mary Suffolk, Daughter of Thomas Bickmoreyummy-mummy-amy

BLAND Sarah Alice, 23 January 1961 Otley nursing home Wharfedale York, retired lady's companionyummy-mummy-amy

BLAND Sarah Ann, 9 October 1961 Grove Park Hospital Sidcup Kent, Widow of George Edwin Bland retired Mill manageryummy-mummy-amy

BOWRING Arthur 17 Nov 1939 City Gen Hospital Sheffield Suejmog

BOWRING Samuel 13 Dec 1912, 13 Kirkbridge Rd, Sheffield, 71 yrs Suejmog

BRAND David, Airth, Stirling, 1871, aged 8mths, son of William Brand and Catherine Learmouth Just Gillian

BRIGHT Martha Ann Died 1893 Rainham, Essex Maz in East End

BRADSHAW John 13th August 1847 Stamford aged 17 Jowin1

BRAY William 25th December 1846 Spilsby aged 3 months Jowin1

BUCKERIDGE Mary Rebecca, Rothesay, Bute, 1917, aged 79, wife of Henry Bainbrigge Buckeridge, daughter of J. Walters, ship builder, and Susannah Just Gillian

BURDEN James, Airth, Stirling, 1871, aged 24, ploughman, married to Betsy Penn, son of Robert Burden and Helen McEwan Just Gillian

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