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HAINING Mary, Irongray, Kircudbright, 1876 aged 55, wife of James Haining, builder, daughter of John Smith and Mary Clark Just Gillian

HALLIDAY Catherine, Irongray, Kircudbright, 1876 aged 35, wife of James Halliday, joiner, daughter of Wiliam Thomson and Catherine Bairden Just Gillian

HASLER Susan Widow of John Hasler 1845 Epping, Essex.Gilly

HASLER George 78 Whitchurch Gardens, Edgware, Harrow U.D. Omnibus conductor (retired) 1841 Hendon Middlesex.Gilly

HERD Isabella, Alloa, Clackmannanshire, 1953, aged 85, widow of David Herd, photographer, daughter of Joseph Cook, coal miner, and Mary Mitchell Just Gillian

HEWITT Susannah 1907 nappycat

HEWITT Elizabeth 1908 Canning Town nappycat

HOCKHAM Ruth 1849 aged 21 Kensington Nessmcd

HOYLAND Emma Rebecca Feb 1859 Silkstone, Yorks age 16 months Anne in Carlisle

HOYLAND Elizabeth Jan 1855 Worsbrough Dale, Yorks age 45 Anne in Carlisle

HUGGAN Jane Scott, Killearn, Stirling, 1884 aged 2, daughter of Robert Huggan, railway porter, and Margaret Wilson Just Gillian

HUNTER William, Airdrie, Lanark 1874, 38, coal miner, husband of Margaret Davidson, son of Joseph Hunter, cabinet maker, and Jean McCaig Just Gillian

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