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Dumfriesshire A

Dumfriesshire B

Dumfriesshire C

Dumfriesshire D


  • The Crichton Memorial Church, Dumfries. +
  • Greyfriars Kirk, Dumfries

Dumfriesshire E

Dumfriesshire G


  • All Saints Anglican Church, Gretna
  • St Andrew Church of Scotland, Gretna

Gretna Green

  • Anvil Hall
  • The Marriage House

Dumfriesshire H

Dumfriesshire J

Dumfriesshire K

Dumfriesshire L

Dumfriesshire M


  • St. Pauls' Church

Dumfriesshire P

Dumfriesshire R


  • Parish Church

Dumfriesshire S

Dumfriesshire T

Dumfriesshire W

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