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General Everyday Clothing

Submitted by Expat in Oz
My husband's grandfather - Jeremiah Goforth Wastling b1876

Sarah Jane Slade nee Davis. Submitted by Kathsgirl.48
Sarah in all her finery.

Not sure when this picture was taken, but I think it was before she married. She was born in 1880 and married in 1903. She trained as a milliner and eventually opened her own milliner's shop in the old centre of Bristol where she worked until she retired in 1953 approx. I can just vaguely remember the shop, walking betweeen the counters with the hat stands high above me when I was about 4 or 5years old.

Hunting Party Submitted by Bo the Bodger
A Chief Constable doing his duty! - to the far left of the photo. The rest is a hunting party of nobility + others!

Isle of Wight Family. Submitted by Jill on the A272 by permission of Charles Frye
'Weeks' grandparents (and 9 of their 11 children). Submitted by Kathsgirl.48
Pictured ourside their cottage in Corston nr Bath. Men are wearing button holes as if ready for a wedding.
Family Group Submitted by Bo the Bodger
Family group of 4 generations of the same family. MY father is the babe in arms, my grandmother born 1878 is holding him, the lady to the left of the picture is my gt Grandmother born 1851 and her mother my gt gt grandmother born 1821 is on the right of the picture. They came from a solid upper middle class family. Personally I think that my grandmother's dress is beautiful and I feel that it must have been either her wedding dress (she married in 1901) or definitely her best dress.
Submitted by Kathsgirl.48
Grandma & Granddad, who died long before I was born, and my Uncle Archie born 26th Dec 1904
Submitted by Sue from Southend
This photo is my Grandmother and her youngest sister. The child, Rosie, was born in 1903 and my Grandmother in 1890 suggesting a date of about 1908. They were an East End family (Bethnal Green) and the photo was taken in the studio of F Butler, 98 Armagh Rd, Bow, E London.
On Holiday. Submitted by Bo the Bodger
A middle class family group on holiday.
Everyday Clothing. Submitted by Pat Hope
My Father is the small boy pictured at the front, on the right.
Submitted by Katarzyna

Boots and Shoes

7yr Old Girl's Shoes. Submitted by Jill on the A272


Submitted by Jen~Ealogy
William Nelson (Aunt's husband). Collar badges suggest Dress Uniform of the Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons) OR The 2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys). Timescale 1900-1921.

Navy. Submitted by Wendy Pusey
William Thomas Pusey, Stoker.


The Gardener. Submitted by Judith M
Picture Shows my Gt Grandfather James Coe and his assistant.

James was head gardener to a race horse owner in Newmarket, Suffolk.


Sportwear. Submitted by Sue from Southend
My Grandmother

Wedding Attire

Wedding Group. Submitted by Yummy Mummy Amy
My Great grand uncles cousins wedding, 1905 Scarborough Yorkshire. This was sent to me via the brides 3rd great granddaughter.
Wedding Guests. Submitted by Jill on the A272
The girl on the right (Adela Rose Steel) is 11, her own wedding picture is below under 1929.
Submitted by Jill on the A272
Bride and groom seated centre, one of the twins, (Amelia Steel) has her own wedding picture on the 1920's page.
Wedding Guests. Submitted by Jill on the A272
The old man, a retired shepherd holds the photograph of one of his daughters who was unable to be there.
Wedding Group. Submitted by Tom Tom

Childrens Clothing

School Group. Submitted by Tom Tom
Submitted by Jill on the A272
Taken shortly after the death of their mother.
Lawrence Gleaves. Submitted by Pat Hope.
Lawrence Gleaves was born in 1906 in Manchester.


Sunday Best - c1901. Submitted by Langley Vale Sue
Dressed in their Sunday best, everyone looks very serious.