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General Everyday Clothing

Everyday Wear Submitted by Tom Tom
My great great grandad John Gregory
Lancashire Mill Town Ladies. Submitted by Jill on the A272
Early 1930s
Day Trip to Whitby. Submitted by Jill on the A272
Submitted by Rachel Scand
This Picture was taken in Ireland in 1932.
Kathleen. Submitted by Kathsgirl.48
Submitted by Kathsgirl.48
This Picture was taken at Dublin Zoo.
Submitted by Kathsgirl.48
Mum's eldest sister Dinah and her daughter taken in 1938 in Dublin Ireland

Hats and Accessories

Autumn 1930, Cloche Hat. Submitted by Jill on the A272


See the 1940s page for WWII uniforms

Haddenham Scout Troup. Submitted by Yummy-Mummy Amy
This picture of Haddenham Scout Troup includes my uncle Fred Thompson (2nd left front row). Fred was born in 1926 and would be about 7 or 8 in the picture.

Wedding Attire

A Lancashire Wedding. Submitted by Jill on the A272
Submitted by Macbev
From the newspaper report of the wedding: "The bride looked charming as she entered the church on her father's arm. Her tasteful gown was of white crepe satin, with a skirt composed of silver lace, and a flared satin train, underlined in shell pink crepe de chine, falling from the waist. A beautiful veil of Honiton lace, which fell to form a long train, was held in place by a pretty headdress of orange blossom. The bride carried a sheaf of roses, carnations and erica, completing a delightful toilet.

The bridesmaids, Misses *** and **** ******, looked smart in frocks of eau de nil georgette, with a draped bodice to give a panel effect, and overlapping flounces embroidered in gold, falling to the heels of gold shoes. Argyle hats of gold shaded crinoline and fancy straw, trimmed with black velvet flowers on the side, were worn. The flower girl, Miss **** *****, was daintily frocked in frilled net and crepe de chine to match the colour scheme of the bridesmaids. A cap of pearls was worn and a basket of tinted roses and ferns carried.
After the ceremony, ...... Mrs ***** received the guests in a model frock of beige georgette and a black lace hat. The hostess was assisted by her sister, Mrs *****, who wore a chic frock of black georgette and lace, with a lemon hat to tone. Mrs ***and Mrs **** each carried a posy of roses.

My Grandparents Wedding 1932. Submitted by Yummy-Mummy-Of-2
My Grandparents in 1932. William Liddle Lackey and Hilda Wood (center). It is believed to have been 3 weddings at the same time, but I'm not sure as the other 2 girls are both wearing the same outfits, hats and shoes. The wedding took place at The Parish Church of St John's, Peterborough.
1932 Wedding. Submitted by Jill on the A272
The bridesmaids wear bias cut dresses which drape beautifully. The bridegroom's spats are just visible.
Submitted by Jill on the A272
A Lancashire Wedding. Submitted by Jill on the A272
Family Wedding. Submitted by Wendy Pusey
My Father in Law Ronald Leslie Pusey and his bride Ada Marjorie Thomas 1st July 1937
Submitted by Langley Vale Sue.
English wedding in 1937. Note the long trails on the bouquet.
Submitted by Jill on the A272.
Most of the people here were employed in the Lancashire cotton mills.

Childrens Clothing

Submitted by Liz from Lancs
This is my mother aged 10 in Cardiff, working class


Fancy Dress. Submitted by Cherry Tradewell
Mayor of Arundel, Sussex. Submitted by Jill on the A272.
Walter Jarvis, the first Labour Mayor of Arundel in his robes.