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Our ancestors (like us) were shaped by the world they lived in and the sudden movement of a family, for example, from their birthplace to another part of the country could be explained by what was happening in the wider world.

The Timeline will help you to put the personal life of your ancestors in context with the social and political situation of the time.

Pathé News Online

Until 1970 cinemas all over Britain showed Pathé newsreels. Now you can view the entire collection, over 3500 hours, online at:

It is necessary to register, but whilst there is a charge for high-resolution copies of the films you can view low resolution versions free of charge. Almost all are in black and white, and the very earliest footage is silent.

The earliest films date from 1896! Pathé display a Top Twenty on their site - the most popular when we checked was a film of the Titanic, but an early favourite of ours is the funeral of Queen Victoria in 1901.

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