Nottinghamshire Towns and Villages H

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St. Michael the Archangel. Submitted by Pippa Doll ‎


St. James. Submitted by Pippa Doll ‎


All Saints. Submitted by Alan 128 ‎
Wesleyan Chapel, now Valley Christian Centre. Submitted by Elaine ‎


All Saints. Submitted by Barbara Dodds ‎


St. Mary and All Saints. Submitted by Jewels‎


All Saints. Submitted by Rosie Knees ‎


St. Peters. Submitted by Norfolk Marsh Gal ‎
Former Methodist Chapel. Submitted by Lynn Forest Fan ‎


St. Nicholas. Submitted by Barbara Dodds ‎


St. Luke's. Submitted by Jewels
Wesleyan Chapel. Submitted by Jewels

High Marnham

Deleted image.jpg


St. Nicholas. Church of England. Submitted by Pippa Doll


St. Winifred. Submitted by Barbara Dodds


St. Giles. Submitted by Rosie Knees

Holme Pierre Pont

St. Edmund. Submitted by Pippa Doll


St. Michael's. Submitted by Pippa Doll ‎

Hucknall Torkard

St. Mary Magdalene. Market Place. Submitted by Chrissie Smiff‎
Baptist Church. Watnall Road. Submitted by Darksecretz
Gilbert Street Baptist Chapel (disused). Submitted by Darksecretz
Holy Cross. Watnall Road. Submitted by Darksecretz

Eastside Methodist Church. Butlers Hill. Submitted by Darksecretz ‎
Primitive Methodist Chapel. Watnall Road. Submitted by Darksecretz ‎
Seymour Road Baptist Chapel. Submitted by Darksecretz ‎
St. John the Evangelist. Nottingham Road. Submitted by Darksecretz ‎

St. Peter and St. Pauls. Ruffs Drive. Submitted by Darksecretz ‎
St. Peters. Watnall Road. (now over 60's centre) Submitted by Darksecretz ‎
United Reformed Church. Hazelgrove. Submitted by Darksecretz ‎
Kingdom Hall. Beauvale. Submitted by Darksecretz ‎

Mortuary Chapel, Broomhill Road, Hucknall. Submitted by Darksecretz
United Reformed Church Portland Road, Hucknall. Submitted by Darksecretz
Wesleyan Reform Church, Annesley Road. Submitted by Darksecretz
Christian Centre, Derbyshire Lane. Submitted by Darksecretz

Former Chapel, Annesley Road. Submitted by Darksecretz‎
Bethel Chapel, West Street. Submitted by Darksecretz‎
Central Methodist Church, Baker Street. Submitted by Darksecretz‎
Holy Cross, Carlingford Road. Submitted by Darksecretz‎

United Methodist Free Church, Peveril Street. Submitted by Darksecretz‎
Watnall Road Methodist Church. Submitted by Darksecretz
Salvation Army, High Street. Submitted by Darksecretz


  • Trinity Church, Baker Street - Central Methodist Church built on the site
  • Bethesda Chapel, Bestwood Road
  • Cavendish Street Methodist Church - Eastside Methodist Church built on this site
  • Primitive Methodist Church, Watnall Road,

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