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About the Places of Worship Project

We are aiming to compile an online album of all the places where our ancestors may have been baptised, christened, married or buried.


To this end, Regional Teams have been established who are organising the collection of these photographs by the members of The Family Tree Forum.

The division of the regions is based on The Historic or Traditional Counties of Britain.

If you have any questions about the Project or would like to become involved in it, please contact Darksecretz who is the Project Leader or visit the Regional Projects Forum.

Definition of a Place of Worship for this Project

  • Buildings from mainstream religions ... where a marriage, christening, baptism or burial may have taken place in the past.
  • Cemetery chapels and crematoria where there is a chapel or church attached..
  • Redundant and/or deconsecrated churches and chapels.


Photographs should be taken by yourself, or you must have the photographer’s permission. Although members retain control and ownership of the photos, copyright should be waived so that Family Tree Forum can use them. Images downloaded from the internet are not acceptable as this is a breach of copyright.

If a photo appears in The Places of Worship which relates to an event in your family history, then copies can be made for personal use. It is discretionary whether one should send a private message (pm) to the submitter.

Taking the Photographs

Check what is still needed

You can check in The Wiki:


You can check which pictures are waiting to be uploaded from the thread in your region in the Regional Projects Forum.

Size, Quality, Resolution

Maximum file size for uploading: 150kb

Explanation about size/resolution etc.
Camera settings??

When you have taken them

When they have been resized and/or resampled, you can add your own pictures to the relevant pages.

If you do not feel able to add your own pictures to The Wiki, you can add your pictures to a thread in the Regional Projects Forum.

To avoid overloading our server and the threads themselves, this should be done from online storage rather then directly uploading them to the thread.

Online Storage

  • There are other free photo hosting sites that you can use:

Collecting the pictures from a thread

If you are putting in other people's photographs from a thread:

Places of Worship ~ Photographs from a Thread

Resizing and/or resampling the photographs

You may need to resize them and/or change the resolution in order to make the file small enough to upload:

Places of Worship ~ Resizing Photographs

Putting them on the pages

Photographs for The Places of Worship must be uploaded to The Wiki.

You can upload the pictures directly: Uploading Images to The Wiki


You can upload them at the same time as adding the code: Places of Worship ~ Adding Photographs

Other Help Pages

Minibad.jpg The Wiki Guide

Restoring photographs using Photoshop

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