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Can you photograph any of the following Places of Worship for our Project?

Please remember that this is not a definitive list. Do keep an eye out for those Places of Worship we have yet to identify eg New Life, Congregational, Baptist, Primitive and Weslyan converted chapels, ruins, and non Christian for example.

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Rutland B

  • Barleythorpe,
  • Barrow,
  • Beaumont Chase (extra Parochial)
  • Bisbrooke, St John the Baptist
  • Braunston in Rutland, All Saints
  • Brooke, St Peter
  • Burley on the Hill, Holy Cross

Rutland C

  • Clipsham, St Mary

Rutland E

  • Egleton, St Edmund
  • Empingham, Methodist
  • Exton, Chapel of St Thomas of Canterbury, Exton Hall
  • Exton, St Peter & St Paul

Rutland G

  • Glaston, St Andrew
  • Great Casterton, St Peter and St Paul
  • Greetham, St Mary
  • Gunthorpe ( in Belton)

Rutland H

  • Hambleton, St Andrew
  • Hemmington
  • Horn

Rutland K

  • Ketton, Methodist

Rutland L

  • Langham, Methodist Chapel now cottage
  • Langham, Baptist Church
  • Little Casterton,All Saints
  • Lyndon, St Martins

Rutland M

  • Manton, St Mary
  • Market Overton, St Peter and St Paul
  • Martinsthorpe

Rutland N

  • North Luffenham, St Thomas
  • North Luffenham, St John the Baptist

Rutland O

  • Oakham Baptist Church, Melton Road
  • Oakham Friends (Quaker) Meeting House
  • Oakham, Methodist
  • Oakham, School Chapel
  • Oakham, St Josephs Catholic Church, Station Road

Rutland P

  • Pickworth, All Saints
  • Pilton, St Nicholas

Rutland R

  • Ridlington, St Mary Magdalene and St Andrew
  • Ryhall, Methodist

Rutland S

  • Stretton, St Nicholas

Rutland T

  • Teigh, Holy Trinity
  • Thistleton, St Nicholas
  • Tickencote, St Peters
  • Tinwell, All Saints
  • Tixover, St Luke

Rutland U

  • Uppingham, Congregational
  • Uppingham, Methodist

Rutland W

  • Whissendine, Methodist
  • Whissendine, St Andrew
  • Whitwell, St Michael and All Angels
  • Wing, SS Peter and Paul

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