Searching for BMD on ScotlandsPeople

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The website ScotlandsPeople offers a facility that is unavailable to people researching English or Welsh ancestors.

The images of parish registers, census returns and certificates can be downloaded from the site instantly for the cost of a few credits.

Instant results and at less cost than English/Welsh versions mean that Scottish ancestry can (with some careful searching and a little thought) be quicker and cheaper via ScotlandsPeople.

Searches are free, the results and images are accessed on a "pay per view" basis.

Credits are puchased and these credits are used as "payment".

Not all events can be searched for on the site. Privacy and freedom of information mean that only the following records are available online at present:

  • Births cover the period 1855-1906
  • Marriages cover the period from 1855-1926
  • Deaths cover the period from 1855 to 1956

Later events can be researched "offline".

Further details can be found at Modern Certificate Application Methods on the General Register Office for Scotland website.

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