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Creating a new Surname Page

  • Check on the appropriate letter page to see if the surname exists. If it does, click on it and use the instructions for adding your details further down this page.
  • If the name does not appear in the list, click on the edit option in the Wiki menu at the top of the screen, and insert the name in alphabetical order ensuring it is in capitals and encased in the same codes as seen for the other surnames.
  • Once added, click on save at the bottom of the edit pane.
  • Once the page has reloaded, click on the surname you have just added, and paste the code below into the edit box that appears.
None Listed

<table width='90%'>
<tr><td width='30%'>'''Locations'''</td><td>'''Researching Members'''</td></tr>

==Histories and Origins==
None Submitted
 NOTE: This should be a general history of the name rather than personal family histories.<br>
 If multiple histories are presented, they will be individually attributed and it will be up to the reader to determine their validity.

==External Links==

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  • Click save, then follow the instructions below to add your details..

Adding your details to a Surname Page

  • Select edit either using the wiki menu in the navbar, or using the edit tag to the far right of the Locations header.
  • create a blank line above the </table> text and paste the code below into that line.
<tr><td>Location</td><td>[ Number Member Name]</td></tr>
  • Replace Location, Member Number and Member Name with your details..
  • To find your Member Number, place your mouse pointer over your username in the forums and your Member Number will show in the statusbar at the bottom of your browser window .
  • Click on the appropriate button to save your changes.
  • Check that the page displays as intended, and that your PM link also functions.

Alternatively, members can post a thread in the Wiki Community Board, using the Surname prefix, and someone will upload the details on your behalf.

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