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The Parish Church site has been used as a religious site since the 1100's, the current building was constructed in the very late 1700's (the previous building demolished in 1790) but has been heavily restored after a fire in 1879. Internally the building benefits from the large windows, giving an airy bright feel, it also features raised galleries and a fine carved reredos.
Family historians who wish to trace a possible burial in the graveyard are advised to contact the minister, a list of all names on gravestones can be sent via e-mail.

The Episcopal Church was built in 1854, a mission did meet in the town in earlier times. One point of interest surrounds the bell, originally found at Simprim church in the 1750's, Simprim church closed in 1761 and the bell was moved to Swinton House where it remained until being installed at Christ Church. Prolific Scottish architect was responsible for the rectory (also known as Krkwell House) in 1880.

The Presbyterian Church (South) sits on the main road through town, directly opposite the Parish Church. The building was completed in 1765 and pre-dates the current parish church by around 30 years. A programme of rebuilding occured in 1851, both dates clearly visible in a stone mounted high on the front of the building. The church building is to a plain rectangular plan and is situated at what would originally have been the edge of town, along with the two other Presbyterian buildngs in the town the building is no longer a place of worship, now used as a carpet showroom it has at least found a use, both the East and West buildings having been demolished several years ago.

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