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Fogo Parish Church is the only place of worship within the small parish, the population of the parish rely heavily on agriculture for employment, in the late 1700's many of the smaller farms were purchased by the wealthy of the area and these landowners often owned half a dozen farms each. The population of the parish declined during the early 1800's, modern Fogo village has a population of less than thirty inhabitants so it may suprise visitors to see 16 CWGC headstones in the burial ground. During WWII many airman were posted to nearby Charterhall for training purposes and those who were lost are buried here.

The first recording of a church on the site dates back to the late 1100's, and connected to Kelso Abbey. The current building has seen little change since the mid 1800's save for the extension of the graveyard.


In the background of the image of Foulden Church can be seen the 13th century Tithe Barn, a building contemporary to the original church. The current church dates to around 1790 (later than some of the headstones within the churchyard). The interior of the church is rather plain but warm and welcoming, the vestry is a much later addition, funded by the family of a late minister and has several photographs of former ministers on display. An old stone font can be seen just in front of the pulpit, possibly originating from Foulden church although the parish now incorporates the former Mordington and Lamberton parishes and is the only place of worship within the enlarged parish.

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