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Berwick architect William Gray designed Bridge Street Church in the early 1860's. Originally built for the Free Church in the early to mid 1860's, the union of the Free and Established churches in 1929 brought about the Bridge Street Church name. The building has a galleried interior to increase capacity though numbers are falling way below the numbers the building was originally designed for. A union between the Old Parish Church and Bridge Street Church means that the building (now in a poor state of repair, needing works to the roof in particular) is now surplus to requirements and use for ecclesiatic purposes is likely to cease.

Designed by Alexander Ross of Inverness and built in 1870 St John The Evangelist features some fine stained glass in what are known as the "I am"windows. Attributed to David Gulland, a former member of the vestry at the church, the four windows are "I am the Good Shepherd"...."the Resurrection and the life"...."the True Vine"...."the Bread of Life". Visitors to the church should make arrangements in advance for access to the building.

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