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St. George's Church, Georgeham

Plan of graves.
List of names on graves.

The photos show the map of the graveyard and list of names which is situated in the porch of St. George's Church, Georgeham. Photos submitted by Sunny Rosy.


The original research was by H. Stephenson Balflour and it was drawn by Meg Mounteney in 1993, the map is invaluable to visitors interested in locating the graves of friends and relatives. It includes the original churchyard and the 1930's extension to the north. Some headstones may be of general interest, such as that of Sergeant John Hill, the Waterloo man and P.C. Walter Creech, who died in the execution of his duty in 1883, aged 3l years. He was murdered when called to pacify a drunken elderly villager who was disturbing the peace in the "Kings Arms" (now The Lower House). An interesting grave mentioned in old guides has been lost. Records state it was that of Simon and Julian Gould who both died in 1817 in their 101st year following 75 years of marriage.

Two authors are buried in the churchyard. Over the stream lies Negley Farson, an American journalist and novelist who lived for some years at Putsborough, and Henry Williamson, writer of many novels, but perhaps best known for his Tarka the Otter, Life in a Devon Village and The Labouring Life, written between the wars when he lived in Georgeham. He is buried by the Tower. Also by the Tower is the grave of William Kidman, drowned in the wreck of H.M.S. Weazel off Baggy Point in 1799. Ten other members of the crew are registered as having been interred here. The oldest known marked grave is that of John Newcourt from Pickwell. It is a table tomb dated 1603. Before that time most burials were marked with wooden crosses.

The chancel vault is now sealed. Between 1649 and 1814 several Rectors and some family members are buried therein. It is believed that some of the Harris and Newcourt families of Pickwell are buried under the Side Chapel.

Source: Genuki

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