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Bowden Kirk has a long history, founded in 1128 the church was at one point a virtual ruin. After the reformation the chancel was used as a burial area by the Roxburghe family.
In 1909 the Duke of Roxburgh paid for the renovation of the chancel and the 17th century Laird's Loft was relocated to the current position, the Laird (an elder of the Kirk) stil uses the Laird's Loft. The organ was installed in 1912.

The rear view of the church shows two external staircases, one gives acess to the Laird's Loft, the other is used to access the small upper gallery. Also in the picture can be seen the two bells fitted to the church. Both bells are rung before Sunday service, the original bell was cast in 1690, a soldier who died at Galipoli bequethed the second bell.

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