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This is me, I'm Bren

looking for

Osler'sfrom norfolk,southery,

Taylor's from leeds, yorkshire, leicestershire

Dunnett's hackford, norfolk, feltwell

Gwinnells frampton on severn,taynton,gloucestershire


im looking for holders from the 1600,s from gloucestershire,they originated in france were huguenot puritons.they settled in a little village called taynton, lived in jacks house, now called taynton house, first recorded is john holder in the early 1500,s,then they spread to surrounding villiages of holders moved to hunslet,leeds,yorkshire in 1800,s.

I have a tree on ancestry and tribal pages.

File:Grandad taylor filtered filtered-1.jpg
Grandad Taylor. George Henry Taylor
Dad Taylor. Emile Henry Gwynfa Taylor
Me, with big brothers Brian and Peter


mum with big sister Yvonne, Christine, Sandra and Pennelopy, me on mums knee
My 3 girls- youngest died a cot death a week after picture was taken.