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Haines Family
Clara Gladys Titchmarsh

My family tree is my obsession, To find out the who, the what, the where and the why. I have found that during my research I have become attached to a few ancestors.

The picture on the left is Hetty Eliza Hinson (my GG Grandmother) and her husband Thomas James Haines with my Great Grandmother sitting on Tom's knee and her sister with Hetty. Both Tom and Hetty died age 38, leaving 4 orphaned children - Very Tragic

The picture to the right is my Great Grandmother Clara Gladys Titchmarsh, I'm not so obsessed with her, but the woman I remember was very frail and infirm, I love this picture because it reminds me that she was young once and had dreams like the rest of us

Some of the names I am currently researching

Christopher - Lancashire (Charnock Richard)

Dawson - Lincolnshire (Great Hale)

Haines - London (East End)

Hinson - Essex (Great Dunmow)

Titchmarsh - Cambridgeshire (Barrington)

Tushingham - Cheshire (Chester)

Brown - London (South East)

White - Surrey (Southwark)

Rogers -Oxfordshire (Enstone)

Ward - Devon to Deptford

Smith - Hertfordshire (Hemel Hempstead)

Ingott - Essex and London

Nuckley - London and Middlesex

Brick Walls

I have come to the point with some of my branches where the brick walls have become so thick and so high, I have had to put that research on hold, If anyone can help me I would love to hear from you.

1. Thomas Haines born 24 February 1724 (according to the family bible) married Elizabeth Everett 1750, married his second wife Mrs Catherine Philips 1775 died 1787. worked as an apothecary, sadly I cannot find any info on his parents or life before his first marriage.

2. Charles Walter White born c1842 (although DOB varies in 81,91 and 01) he married Mary Ann Catherine Nuckley in 1874, According to his marriage certificate his father was George Samuel White but I have never been able to trace Charles before his marriage in 1874.

3. Elias Hinson born 1807, baptised at Great Dunmow, Essex 16th February 1807 age 3 weeks. According to his baptism record his father was Thomas Hinson Blacksmith and his mother was Ann. Elias also had a sister Mary Ann Hinson born in 1805 and also baptised at Great Dunmow. I would love to find out more about Thomas and Ann and if they had anymore children

4. John Dawson, now this gets a little confusing, John Dawson married Anne Thompson 18th June 1772, they had 3 known children Edward Dawson born 1772, William Thompson Dawson born 1775 and Mary Dawson born 1777. All in Great Hale, Lincolnshire. According to the Will of William Thompson Dawson he had an uncle Edward Dawson (Steward to the Earl of Moira, Castle Donington). According to the Will of Edward Dawson he had a brother William Dawson (Book seller of Paternosta Row) and a sister who is buried at Castle Donington but was not named in the will. So John, Edward, William and Sister, place of birth and parents un-known. If I could find this out it will take me back another generation.

5. Jean Elizabeth Gregory born c1881, married Arthur Josiah Saunders 26th November 1906, according to the marriage certificate Jeans father was George William Gregory Journeyman Baker (deceased). I have not been able to find Jean or her father on any census or a birth entry for Jean. However on the birth certificate for one iof her sons she is listed as Jane Elizabeth Gregory!!!!! I would love to knock this wall down