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HADDOW Wilson or McAndrew HUTCHESONTOWN 1900 Kate from Scotland

HALL Robert 1850 nappycat

HALLEY John, Dollar, Clackmannanshire, 1865, son of Peter Halley and Margaret Glennie (?) Just Gillian

HAMER Sarah Ann 1879 born in Elton near Bury Lancashire Father James Hamer Matty

HAMILTON Walter Glasgow 1870 Caroline

HARDIE Alexander 4/12/1834 BO'NESS Robert Hardie/Katharine Baird norahmason

HARRISON Thomas 13th Feb 1870 sub district - Grays Inn Lane, County of Middlesex Parents William and Charlotte (formerly Squires) Sue A

HART Helen HIGHCHURCH PAISLEY 1860 Kate from Scotland

HARVEY Patrick GREENOCK RENFREWSHIRE 1856 Kate from Scotland

HASLER George William born 1883 Holborn, Middlesex Gilly

HASLER George born 1882 Chelmsford, Essex Gilly

HASLER Florence Elizabeth born 1904 Shoreditch, London Gilly

HASLER George William born 1908 Hackney, London Gilly

HASLER George birth 25th January 1884 West Ham,County of Essex.Parents Joseph Benjamin Hasler and Louisa Hasler (formerly Levett) Gilly

HENLEY Sarah Elizabeth 14th September 1852. Born 36 Queen Street, Stepney, London. Granny Val

HETHERINGTON Mary Jane Glasgow 1867 Caroline

HILL Robert James, Dollar, Clackmannanshire, 1861, son of Ebenezer Brown Hill and Elizabeth Vaughan Ball Just Gillian

HINMARS John (?),Canongate, Edinburgh, 1870, son of Charles Hinmars and Euphemia Hale Just Gillian

HOGG Robert, Dollar, Clackmannanshire, 1867, son of James Hogg and Elizabeth Paterson Just Gillian

HORTON Mary Ann Eliza, Falkirk 1856, daughter of James Alfred Horton and Mary Donald Just Gillian

HUMPHREYS John McFarlane HUTCHESONTOWN 1883 Kate from Scotland

HYND Agnes, Stirling 1893, daughter of Harry Hynd and Margaret Hunter Just Gillian

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