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WALL Agnes 4/4/1835 BO'NESS William Wall/Mary Meikle norahmason

WALLACE John HUTCHESONTOWN 1876 Kate from Scotland

WARD Susannah 1878 Oswaldtwistle Blackburn Lancashire Father David Ward Matty

WHITE Alice 1886 Parents William and Alice nee Swan nappycat

WHITEHILL Alexander Glasgow 1865 Caroline

WHITEHILL Catherine Gray Glasgow 1865 Caroline

WHITEHILL Catherine Gray Glasgow 1869 Caroline

WHITEHILL George Brown Glasgow 1867 Caroline

WHITEHILL Laurence Glasgow 1859 Caroline

WHITEHILL Alexander Glasgow 1865 Caroline

WHITEHILL Elizabeth Blair Glasgow 1870 Caroline

WHITEHILL Elizabeth Glasgow 1858 Caroline

WHITEHILL Jane Glasgow 1863 Caroline

WHALLEY Florence born 1883 Basford Nottingham Gilly

WILLIAMS William 17th March 1840 in Tarvin near Chester. Father John Williams mother Ann nee Mills.mallard

WILLIAMS William 9th November 1841 no father, mother Mary Williamd born Gt Boughton district, Chester.mallard

WILLIS Mary Ann 7A 441 Dec 1897 Boston Father Harry Martin Willis glendahewitt

WILSON James, Alloa, Clackmannanshire, 1898 son of John Wilson and Elizabeth McGuigan Just Gillian

WRIGHT Emma Sophia Hannah - Born 1842 Bethnal Green, London Maz in East End

WRIGHT Jane Paterson Irvine TRADESTON GLASGOW 1856 Kate from Scotland

WRIGHT Janet, Stirling 1863, daughter of James Wright and Susan McKerracher (?) Just Gillian

WOOD Arthur 3rd April 1908, 30, Cook Street, Bradford East, Bradford, Parents John Thomas and Clara Wood, (Formerly Metcalfe) yummy-mummy-amy

WOOD Arthur 31st March 1908 57, Wilfred Street, Bradford East, Bradford, Parents Arthur and Mary Hannah Wood (Formerly Stirk) yummy-mummy-amy

WOOD Hilda, 23 January 1910 Dewsbury York, Father Asa Wood yummy-mummy-amy

WOOD James LEITH EDINBURGH 1879 Kate from Scotland

WYATT Frederick 12th March 1859 at 2 Saint Johns Terrace, Shoreditch. Mother Amelia Wyatt, no name of father given 367 Gwen@Coggicorner

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