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CARRICK John, Airdrie, Lanark 1874, 76, railway worker, husband of Helen Turnbull Hanna, son of John Carrick, weaver, and Agnes Muirhead Just Gillian

CARRICK John, Camlachie, Glasgow 1882, 76, baker, widower of Margaret McGovan, son of William Carrick, farmer, and Ellen Davie Just Gillian

CARRICK Thomas, Brydelkirk, Dumfies, 1866 72, ag lab, son of John Carrick, ag lab, and Mary Bell, father of Janet Just Gillian

CARRICK William, Airdrie, Lanark, 1868, 62, colliery worker, son of William Carrick and Janet Muirhead Just Gillian

CARRICK William, Hamilton, Lanark, 1872, 52, coal miner, husband of Jane Fleming Just Gillian

CARRICK Thomas, Irongray, Kircudbright, 1876, 47, son of Peter Carrick and Elizabeth Moffat Just Gillian

CARRICK William, Strathblane, Stirling, 1887, aged 69, husband of Agnes George, son of John Carrick, blacksmith, and Elizabeth Just Gillian

CARRUTHERS Jannet, Brydelkirk, Dumfries, 1886, 53, outdoor worker, daughter of William Carruthers, ag lab, and MaryCoulthard Just Gillian

COOPER Sarah Ann 24th October 1910 Willenhall, Staffordshire aged 59, wife of William Cooper, locksmith Mary from Italy

COSSINS Harriet 25th August 1865 Douglas Road, Islington, aged 48, wife of John Cossins, commission agent Velma Dinkley

COUSINS Harriet 11th November 1860 Pendleton, Lancashire aged 7, daughter of John Cousins, labourer at print works Velma Dinkley

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