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The first thing to bear in mind when looking for any Baptisms, Marriages or Deaths on the IGI is that if they don't appear when you search it doesn't mean that they weren't registered or didn't exist - they may not have been added to the database as yet.

These are the Help pages from the LDS website:

The visuals below may help you to find the baptisms of your own ancestors.

The techniques for finding a marriage or death are broadly similar, although you will find few deaths recorded in the IGI.

IGI baptism 1.jpg

If the information you have found has a batch number it will be a record extracted from the original register. The letters correspond to the number of the LDS microfilm:

C = Christening records from the parish

M = Marriage records

J = Males only

K = Females only - numbers correspond to the J series for males

Some parishes will have more than one number. The larger the parish the more numbers will be associated with it.

TIP: Sometimes you can swap the letters around or just change the last number to find another set of records from the same parish.

If the record you find has no batch number, it will be a submitted record. These may or may not have been taken from the original register and should always be checked against the original. The source of the information may be recorded which may include contact details.

IGI baptism 2.jpg

Because the dates for this the batch number finish in 1809, you can't tell whether there are any other siblings. To find out if there are any more siblings, you can try searching the IGI by using the parents' names.

Another way to find out if there are any other siblings is to use the Hugh Wallis site to see if there are baptisms recorded on the IGI after 1809 for this parish.

When you have found these index entries, you should check the Parish Registers for the original entries - you may be lucky enough to find more information e.g. their address, the father's occupation and depending on the Vicar, you may find other details. ou may also come across other siblings who had been missed in the orginal indexing.

If you can't get to the appropriate Records Office it is possible to order the films from your local LDS Centre.

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